The Colonial Williamsburg Interpreter, volume 24, number 1, Spring 2003


Small Gestures Make the Biggest Impact: Interpreting to Families and Children -- Bruton Parish Vestry, 1774 -- House of the Devil: Opposition to the Theater in Colonial America -- Who's Who in the African- American Community in 1774 -- Arts & Mysteries: The Colonial Timberyard in America -- Cook’s Corner: What Virginians were planting and eating in the eighteenth century -- Signers of the 1765 Presbyterian Petition Still Active in the Williamsburg Area in 1774 -- The Earl of Dunmore -- Who's Who at the College of William and Mary in 1774 -- Delaporte's Folly: Virginia's French Corps of 1777-1778 -- Questions and Answers -- Excerpts from the Autobiography of the Reverend James Ireland (Third Installment, circa 1768) -- The Bothy’s Mould: planting calendar taken from A Treatise on Gardening by John Randolph -- Bruton Heights Update: New at the Rock: Becoming Americans Story Lines: New Titles in the Rockefeller Library -- New Items in the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Library's Special Collections Section -- New Books for Children: Janice McCoy Memorial Collection -- Summer Program Synergy at the Museums of Colonial Williamsburg -- Editor’s Notes


“The Colonial Williamsburg Interpreter, volume 24, number 1, Spring 2003,” Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Publications , accessed May 26, 2022,

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