The Colonial Williamsburg Interpreter, volume 22, number 2, Summer 2001


75th anniversary issue -- Looking Back at the Past: A Conversation with Frances Robb and Mac White -- Inventing Colonial Williamsburg: The Reverend Dr. W.A.R. Goodwin and the Genesis of the Restoration -- Elizabeth Hayes: "Always ... Your Help Has Been Unfailing" -- Cook’s Corner: CW published cookbooks -- The Sir Christopher Wren Building: A Historic Restoration -- The Bothy’s Mould: Justus B. Brouwers, Restoration landscape superintendent -- Did You Know?: Bodleian Library -- A Brief History of Time (At Least Our Version of It!) [Historic Trades] -- Did You Know?: landau -- New Sources Document Restoration History -- Bruton Heights Update: New at the Rock: Becoming Americans Story Lines: New Titles in the Rockefeller Library and Special Collection -- Questions and Answers -- News from the Museums: History of CW object collections and museums -- Colonial Williamsburg's Anniversaries -- Editor’s Notes


“The Colonial Williamsburg Interpreter, volume 22, number 2, Summer 2001,” Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Publications , accessed May 26, 2022,

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